Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Keyword Placement

Keywords and Keyword Placement is the mac daddy force behind your substance abuse treatment website, article or blog to increase your page rank. Effective Keyword Research and Placement takes time but is well worth the effort as an important part of your search engine optimization process. We employ a variety of tools to analyze keywords and select the perfect keyword combinations that can be used for your content.
Source: Diligent Management
After we identify your keywords and keyword phrases through research we then need to consider optimum keyword placement on your site. We place the chosen keywords at locations where they are noticed by the robots in titles, domain name, headings, meta keywords, meta titles and descriptions, content, and text link.

Using keywords intelligently and creating content that is relevant to the search query combined with information that the viewer is looking for is the optimal keyword on-page strategy goal.  Keyword density will help your website achieve desired placement.  We respect limitations as to how many keywords are optimized and how often they are used on your page.  A successful SEO process largely depends on the keyword density.

At Diligent Management and Consulting Services we understand the drug addiction treatment target audience. We know the correct balance necessary for keyword phrase combinations and density.  The most appropriate keyword search phrase may not be the most obvious one. Often the obvious keywords increase your competition for that search phrase, and that decreases your chances of a top spot on the search engines.  DMCS offers the correct balance.

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